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We are a group of friends who are gaming vets. We have been using online sportsbooks since 2002. If it exists, at least one of us has probably tried it.

We decided to start a site together because we thought it would be fun to have a place to share our passion as well as to share our experiences. All of us have had both good and bad experiences at different sportsbooks. We realize that a bad experience is sometimes just caused by the incompetence or indifference of one individual and not reflective of the entire sportsbook. It is kind of like when you go to any retail chain store. Sometimes you get great service with a smile. Other times the person helping you wants to be anywhere else but there. In the case of a bad service experience, it does not necessarily mean the whole chain is bad.

Realizing that one bad review can be quite damaging for an online gaming site and that we have no desire to cause any harm, we decided to focus our reviews on sportsbooks where we have had positive and fun experiences.

We will also be sharing some tips that we use from time to time and opinions on upcoming events. If you find them useful, use them. Maybe we will help you make a few bucks.

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